Turner Contemporary on-site communications

Kellenberger–White was commissioned to review the on-site communication at Turner Contemporary. We were briefed to design new signage and welcome areas for the gallery’s public spaces, as well as new communications materials (such as menus and loyalty cards) for the café and shop. The new graphics and interior design schemes were implemented together with 3D furniture elements designed with London-based product designer Felix de Pass. Further exhibition graphics were also added for the South Terrace and Sunley Gallery.

The overall design scheme drew inspiration from the geometric proportions of the architecture of Turner Contemporary – creating a rigorous typographic format and clear placements for all on-site messaging. A coding system of seven key colours was introduced to differentiate various types of signage and information.

The newly implemented schemes were also translated into user-friendly templates for in-house production.

  • Year: 2012–4
  • Client: Turner Contemporary
  • Location: Margate
  • Category: Wayfinding

Collaborators: Felix de Pass
Photography: Richard Bryant, Luke Hayes