Tillingham Wines identity

The identity we designed for Tillingham Wines is the sum of different parts. One of the few organic winemakers in the UK, Tillingham Wines is a vineyard, farmstead and education space in East Sussex. Each of its wines is made in a ‘polycultural’ way by carefully combining new technological and scientific techniques with ancient and biodynamic methods.

We first designed a logotype, setting the syllables of the company’s name flush over three lines, inside a portrait-orientated rectangle. The mono-spaced typeface was drawn using a small set of geometric shapes. The logo can be applied like a stamp, in different sizes, across various media, including on packaging and online. We took a plural approach to the rest of the collateral. Drawing on our own library of custom-made fonts, all of which have been in some way drawn by hand, we designed each wine label from scratch.

Working with photographer Thomas Adank, we also art-directed a portfolio of videos and photographs taken at different times of year on the property – still-life vignettes of the land, the seasons and the winemaking process. With vivid typography, custom production techniques and sensitive documentation, we made a characterful brand that gives the impression of care for and attention to every single bottle.

  • Year: 2017–
  • Client: Tillingham Wines
  • Location: East Sussex
  • Category: Identity, Packaging, Website

Collaborators: Thomas Adank, Twelve
Photography: Thomas Adank