Spike Island identity

Since 2017, Kellenberger–White have overseen the new design direction for the visual identity of leading contemporary art gallery Spike Island. This has included a brand refresh, the design of printed and digital programme materials, and the art direction of a major new website.

Kellenberger–White’s art direction unified design applications within a rigorously playful visual language. Flexible and experimental, it encompasses both print and digital processes. We began with the design of a new logotype, before turning our attention to the printed material, advertising and a stationery set.

In spring 2019, a new website was designed and developed by Bristol-based agency Atomic Smash. Central to the branding is a design language built from a palette of four core colours and 28 unique colours framed in seven groups. The bold and formally technical use of typography and colour brings clarity and cohesion to all communications: each item is a joyful little experiment in the design process and colour experimentation.

  • Year: 2017–
  • Client: Spike Island
  • Location: Bristol
  • Category: Identity, Website

Collaborators: Atomic Smash
Photography: Thomas Adank