Royal College of Art graduation show

Show RCA is the annual graduate exhibition at the Royal College of Art. Kellenberger–White designed a comprehensive campaign for the 2011 Show, encompassing a bespoke identity, print and online marketing material, architectural-scale banners, exhibition graphics and signage, and maps, as well as printed Show catalogues.

Central to the identity was a family of bespoke typefaces that captured both the RCA’s heritage as a long-standing art and design school, and the sense of celebration for the students graduating.

The set of specially designed fonts achieved a level of consistency across a wide range of campaign material, which needed to be able to be discreet when close to the exhibited works, but bold and colourful when used for exterior signage and marketing materials.

The documentary Show catalogue grouped all the departments into one large book, using coloured inset pages to differentiate the schools.

Alongside the main Show, Kellenberger–White implemented the identity in a number of smaller campaigns for the MA Fashion Show and for Innovation Nights talks.

Show Fashion was a purposefully monochrome version of the main identity, with the feeling of low-key, raw craft and a more generous use of white space carried through the typographic layouts, exposed section-sewn binding and daylight photography.

  • Year: 2011
  • Client: Royal College of Art
  • Location: London
  • Category: Campaign

Collaborators: Faudet–Harrison, Ray O’Meara, Jannuzzi Smith
Campaign photography: Christina Smith
Photography: Thomas Adank