Open School East identity

Open School East is an art school and communal space, which launched in September 2013 in De Beauvoir Town in east London. Its aims are to encourage the sharing of space, knowledge and skills, and foster  collaborative opportunities between artists, local residents and neighbourhood organisations.

Kellenberger–White designed an identity focusing on the word “Open”. Using a circular shape from the letter “O”, a grid was developed to create a set of letters. These were then used to form a logo from the initials“OSE”. The circular motif also appears throughout the identity, signage and promotional materials as an image-cropping device, which brings visual consistency to the wide variety of images used.

Although focused on a circle, the identity also has an important association with the international sign for “assembly point” or “meeting point” – resonating with the OSE’s mission, as a place to learn from others by meeting in a shared environment.

A comprehensive set of branding materials, including templates for internal notices, signage, flyers and external posters, was designed in line with the new identity. Based on a simple layout, they can be easily used by the staff for any type of event, workshop, group lunch or screening that the OSE is hosting.

OSE relocated to Margate in 2017. We are currently working with them to develop a new graphic design course as part of our ongoing relationship.

  • Year: 2013–
  • Client: Open School East
  • Location: London, Margate
  • Category: Identity