Eliz­a­beth Price: SOUND OF THE BREAK

‘I declare to the viewer that video is not an immaterial art.’ Elizabeth Price
The catalogue for Turner-prize-winning artist Elizabeth Price’s exhibition of video installations at the SCHIRN in Frankfurt demonstrates her concern with the formative materiality of all technology.
We designed a slightly larger than palm-sized paperback of rustling lightweight pages that in keeping with Price’s interest in ‘the work of making art’, does not merely represent the works on show. It is rather a sourcebook of elements from which the videos are composed. One page sequence visualises one video’s timeline including all of the layered images contained in one computer file.
We typeset the book in a monospaced version of our font KW Museum, a typeface we devised based on archive labels, to echo Price’s preoccupation with the change in labour practices as a result of digitalisation. We offset the institutional feel of the all-black-and-white book with a single opening endpaper of swirling blue and pink visible through a grid of circular holes in the black front cover.
The catalogue has the feel of a manual that assumes its position in Price’s constellation of analogue and digital media.

  • Year: 2023
  • Client: Schirn Kunsthalle Frank­furt
  • Location: Frank­furt
  • Category: Publication

Publisher: Mousse Publishing
Photography: Thomas Adank