Dunne & Raby, ‘United Mirco Kingdoms’

‘United Micro Kingdoms (UMK)’ presents perspectives on a fictional future for the United Kingdom, as imagined by Dunne & Raby. The four micro kingdoms explored in the exhibition are: Digitarians, Communo-Nuclearists, Anarcho-Evolutionists and Bioliberals. Each “super-shire” can be explored on the UMK website that accompanies the exhibition project.

Kellenberger–White designed all the graphic materials used to represent the United Micro Kingdoms. A bespoke title and text typeface was used throughout the exhibition graphics, maps and infographics. A unique palette of colours and number graphics was devised for the model “Digi Cars”. A set of four patterns was designed to represent each super-shire, and used for the UMK map and wallpaper in the exhibition’s reading room.

Each pattern’s singular element was reduced and redrawn, in a process sympathetic to the traditions of vexillology (the study of flags), to create an original UMK flag.

Ultra clean and technical, the typefaces used were full of human quirks and alterations, which sought to reflect the prospect of future worlds where advanced technology is fully embraced and modified for human fulfilment.

Kellenberger–White also designed a limited edition t-shirt and a Transport for London Oyster card holder to use in the exhibition’s marketing campaign. Customised with the specially designed UMK pattern, the travel card holder advertised details of the exhibition. The holder was sent out to subscribers with the June issue of ‘Icon’ magazine.

  • Year: 2013
  • Client: Design Museum
  • Location: London
  • Category: Exhibition

Collaborators: Dunne & Raby, Jason Evans, Faudet–Harrison, Tommaso Lanza, Nicolas Myers
Photography: Luke Hayes