‘Design Interactions 2012’

The Design Interactions programme explores new roles, contexts and approaches for interaction design in relation to the social, cultural and ethical impact of existing and emerging technologies.

‘Design Interactions 2012’ presents projects by the graduating MA students on an interactive homepage that allows the reader to view and play short animations of the students’ projects. The snapshots of movement shown in the animations offer an intriguing glimpse of each object’s intended function.

Working with Theo Cook, Kellenberger–White art-directed photography that maintains the theme of exposing the processes of image-making we established in the 2009 publication for RCA Design Interactions. The shoot picked up on the idea of the chroma key blue screen, used in film and television post-production to project an isolated object into any possible environment. Here, the blue screen acts as a stand-in for the speculative future inhabited by the object, but its vivid colour also creates impact and fosters a strong sense of the department collective.

  • Year: 2012
  • Client: Royal College of Art
  • Location: London
  • Category: Website

Collaborators: Studio Myers, Julika Welge
Photography: Theo Cook