David Hockney, ‘Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)’

‘I like looking. I like looking at things and there’s a lot of ways to look at things.’ David Hockney

Catalogue for the inaugural exhibition at London’s new art venue exploring the work of iconic British artist David Hockney. The Lightroom harnesses total-surround HD projection in a four-storey room to experiment with how art can be experienced and Hockney’s partly immersive and part documentary hour-long presentation continues his career-long interest in technological experimentation.

To design the book, we juxtaposed transcripts from Hockney’s voiceover against images from the projections. We printed the text in blue instead of black to echo his use of colour. With a yellow typographic cover designed by the artist, the roughly A4-sized paperback book is a primer for anyone seeking an introduction to Hockney’s view of the world and to his 60-year art practice. 

The book is currently in its fifth printing.

  • Year: 2023
  • Client: Lightroom
  • Location: London
  • Category: Publication

Photography: Thomas Adank