Identity for Cut-Out studio

This visual identity is for a recently established London-based architecture studio. It needed to convey something new, something that is just beginning.

Drawn freehand digitally, the font balances humanism, naivety and play. The deliberate non-capitalised words, the wide spaces around the hyphen – all work towards representing a studio that is interested in the informal and the prototypical.

On Cut-Out studio’s website, this logo moves across the page, in slow motion, getting gradually larger. The logo crops off the screen and becomes abstracted; it is now just a series of black-and-white shapes, becoming almost lost. Just at the point when the screen is about to go blank, the logo snaps back to fit the screen.

  • Year: 2020
  • Client: Cut-Out studio
  • Location: London
  • Category: Identity, Website

Collaborator: Twelve
Film: Nick Seaton