Carlos Bunga, ‘Something Necessary and Useful’

‘So I asked myself what would it be like to experience a maquette on a different scale, what if we could walk around inside it?’ Carlos Bunga

We designed the catalogue for Carlos Bunga’s first UK commission to encapsulate the makeshift nature of the Portuguese artist’s architectural structures.

By stitching a stack of bulky uncoated paper up the middle and trimming it only along the top and bottom, the book remains obviously a pile of sheets folded in half. The catalogue comprises strands of content that engage with the temporal and performative elements of Bunga’s practice, most significantly, the central 64-page section that documents a performance in the gallery by choreographer Joe Moran and dancers. For this we wove images, that we art-directed, by photographer Nick Seaton, into a visual essay emphasising the uncanny moments that arise from the passing of time in a space, and the juxtapositions of bodies, furniture and architectural details.

Other interventions include a thumbnail image of the exhibition’s installation in the top left corner of each spread. Viewed in sequence, they capture the gallery’s transformation.

  • Year: 2020
  • Client: Whitechapel Gallery
  • Location: London
  • Category: Publication

Editors: Emily Butler and Inês Costa
Photography: Nick Seaton