Anthea Hamilton, ‘Sorry I’m Late’

Published on the occasion of Anthea Hamilton’s ‘Sorry I’m Late’ exhibition at Firstsite, this is the first monograph of the artist’s work, featuring new photography and specially commissioned essays.

The book presents a walk through the exhibition’s consecutive rooms, alongside essays and photographs. Colours and graphic motifs from the artworks were used to bring cohesion and flow to the sequence of spreads. The book’s choice of materials sought to echo the highly considered physical qualities of Hamilton’s work, and also reference her interest in popular magazines. Bound in a textured soft plastic case, the book is printed on ultra-thin satin paper, creating a very flat, floppy, magazine-style object.

  • Year: 2012
  • Client: Firstsite
  • Location: Colchester
  • Category: Publication

Photography: Thomas Adank