Spike Island

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Spike Island
Identity and art direction
Bristol, 2017–

Since 2017, Kellenberger–White has overseen the new design direction of the Spike Island visual identity. This has included a brand refresh, the design of printed and digital programme materials, and the art direction of a major new website.

Spike Island is a leading contemporary art gallery, which also offers one of Europe’s largest studio complexes, complete with technical support and specialising in printmaking and ceramic workshops. Staying true to its original aims established in the mid-1970s, the organisation supports both emerging and established artists – often inviting emerging artists for their first major UK solo exhibition, and at other times, supporting more established artists to make work that is of crucial importance to their progression. The organisation has experienced several fundamental changes, including a gallery-wide refurbishment by architects Caruso St John in 2006, which include environmental colour interventions by artists Sue and Hayley Tompkins.

Kellenberger–White’s art direction unified design applications within a rigorously playful visual language. Flexible and experimental, it encompasses both the print and digital processes. We began with the design of a new logotype, before turning our attention to the printed material, advertising and a stationery set.

In spring 2019, a new website was designed and developed by Bristol-based agency Atomic Smash. Central to the branding is a design language built from a colour palette made of four core colours and 28 unique colours framed in seven groups. The bold and formally technical use of typography and colour brings clarity and cohesion to all communications; each item is a small joyful experiment in the design process and colour experimentation.