News from Nowhere, Firstsite

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Colchester, 2012

News from Nowhere was a thematic exhibition exploring the relationship between art and science fiction, featuring works from the early 20th century to the present day. The exhibition drew parallels with the literary and cinematic idiom, gathering together a collection of utopian and dystopian visions.

Kellenberger–White designed a bespoke typographic identity for use in the exhibition graphics, newspaper publication, and marketing materials.

The typeface was based on shapes found in the exhibited works and research material. The geometry of the letterforms drew upon the circular lines in Naum Gabo’s drawing First Sketch for a Monument for an Institute of Physics and Mathematics (1919). Further inspiration was drawn from the futuristic sets designed by László Moholy–Nagy for the film adaptation of the HG Wells novel, Things to Come (dir. Alexander Korda, 1936). Using light as a material, Moholy–Nagy’s sets avoided dense solid forms but instead used thin steel columns panelled with glass and clear plastics. The ‘Gabo’ typeface is light, its strokes are thin and the counters are large, making the background material (white walls and paper) shine through.

The exhibition was accompanied by an illustrated publication designed and printed in newspaper format.