Ellen Altfest, White Cube

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Ellen Altfest, The Bent Leg
White Cube
London, 2011

The Bent Leg is the first monograph of New York-based painter Ellen Altfest.

Scale was an essential element of the book’s design. The size of the catalogue was based on the artist’s largest painting – ‘The Back’ – which spans both the back and front cover. All images throughout the book reproduce the artworks at 1:1 scale, enabling the artist’s high level of painterly skill to be seen. The text pages were designed on a deliberately smaller A4 scale and placed within the large format page.

Altfest’s interest in capturing the details, textures and colours of skin was emphasised in the choice of materials for the book – from the cover’s smooth Plike paper, to the grooved tan colour end papers and coarse brown binding thread.

Photography: Thomas Adank