Kellenberger–White is an ethical design practice, committed to integrity and transparency in our business dealings and relationships. In our approach to tackling the modern slavery (by which we here mean slavery, servitude and forced labour) and human trafficking throughout our supply chains, we expect the same high standards from all our contractors, suppliers and other business partners. We are putting in place effective systems and controls to guard against modern slavery within our business and its supply chains, in recognition of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our Employees
We are committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy workplace. All potential employees of Kellenberger–White must prove their age and that they have a right to work in the UK, prior to being offered a contract of any kind. Employment by Kellenberger–White is voluntary. We do not and will never use forced or compulsory labour; we comply wholeheartedly with UK laws concerning minimum ages for employment and the avoidance of child labour.

Our Suppliers
Kellenberger–White procures a wide range of goods and services from a wide and diverse pool of suppliers. They include those companies providing goods, maintenance and services to the studio, which might comprise such services such as transport, IT, communications, building maintenance and artwork fabrication, as well as independent suppliers of materials.

The studio is conducting a process of due diligence with regard to our existing suppliers: Kellenberger–White is writing to each supplier to seek confirmation of their commitment to complying with the Modern Slavery Act within their own organisations, and to seeking to reduce the risk of modern slavery within their own supply chains. We are contacting approximately a hundred suppliers to seek these assurances, with the responses under evaluation as they are received.

A copy of the questionnaire sent to all our suppliers as part of this process can be obtained by writing to [email protected].

As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate the risk within our supply chain, we require all our suppliers to confirm in writing that they do not support slavery and human trafficking. To ensure contractors and all those in our supply chain are in accordance with our values and ethics, we have in place rigorous selection, due diligence and tender processes that help us to ensure our suppliers and their supply chains are and remain slavery-free. Where adequate assurances are not obtained, the studio will terminate the contract (where legally able to do so) and decline to enter into further contracts with that supplier.