Between Reality and the Impossible

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Dunne & Raby
Saint-Étienne Design Biennale, 2010

Between Reality and the Impossible was an exhibition of new work by Dunne & Raby at the Saint-Étienne Design Biennale 2010. The exhibition presented a number of prototypes, short stories and photographic work exploring new possibilities for a technologically mediated world. Operating as an experiment in how to exhibit conceptual design proposals where the narrative and ideas are as important as the designs, everything was treated as an object, including texts and images.

Kellenberger–White was commissioned to develop three-dimensional graphics for the exhibition’s warehouse space. Building on the display system developed for Dunne & Raby in the What if… window exhibit at the Wellcome Trust, the main stories were designed as rows of 3D polystyrene letters. These were accompanied by rotating dual language (English and French) text panels and bespoke floor tapes for the credits.

The 3D polystyrene letters acted as a prominent feature guiding visitors around the exhibition space.

The material of the 3D letters, along with the bespoke duct tape, picked up on the architectural setting of the industrial warehouse. Temporary, lightweight and easy to unpack and position, they were also ideal for the short set-up time at the Biennale venue.

Project team
Exhibition design and curation: Dunne & Raby
Project stories: Alex Burrett
Photography: Jason Evans
Graphic design and typography: Kellenberger–White
Stand design: Faudet–Harrison