Soak, Steam, Dream, Roca London Gallery

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Soak, Steam, Dream: Reinventing Bathing Culture
Exhibition design and graphics, catalogue and marketing
Roca London Gallery
London, 2016–2017

For the design of this exhibition, curated by Jane Withers and exploring the social, cultural, even corporeal aspects of bathing, Kellenberger–White took inspiration from American critic Leonard Koren’s manifesto for bathing – Undesigning the Bath (1996) is a tactile document that invokes the sensuous dimensions of bathing – and from the fluid curves of the Zaha Hadid-designed gallery that hosted the exhibition. We used organic materials and interventions in scale to transform the futuristic space into an animistic bathing grotto, drawing a grid studded with captions written freehand in charcoal on the undulating walls, building plinths from rough clay blocks, and making supports for displays out of a huge sawn tree trunk and by pouring hempcrete (a concrete substitute) into a large pit in the ground.

Project team
Curator and editor: Jane Withers
Exhibition design and graphics: Kellenberger–White
Project director and deputy editor: Elizabeth Glickfeld
Researchers: Skye Mo and Rebekah Harbord
Photography: Thomas Adank