Print Room, MIMA

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Middlesbrough, 2017

We were invited by Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art to develop a new brand. In recent years, the museum has proposed itself as ‘useful’, developing a civic agenda that seeks to reconnect the art institution with a social function and promote art as a tool for change. In response to these aims, we worked with the curatorial team to create a visual identity through a process of engaging with both the museum’s context (historical and geographical) and publics. Over the course of 2017, we conducted field trips, organised workshops focused on making, both manual and digital, and presented exhibitions showcasing our ideas, references and methodologies. The result of this year-long process, which is due to be launched in 2018, is a visual identity that combines both the museum’s vision and our practice.

Project team
Creative direction, typefaces and design: Kellenberger–White
Digital development: Twelve
Research photography: Kellenberger–White
Install photography: Thomas Adank