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Royal College of Art and EPSRC
London, 2010

Impact! was an exhibition commissioned by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Royal College of Art Design Interactions department. The two institutions were involved in a collaborative project exploring high-tech science in critical design scenarios.

Kellenberger–White designed the exhibition’s identity, graphics and accompanying publication.

The design of the exhibition guide centred around using the newly designed bold typeface Replica in highly contrasting type sizes across the page. The strong angle adopted in the layout of the project titles deliberately echoed the typeface’s characteristic angled terminals. The booklet’s cover was an electric blue transparent plastic wrap, chosen for its association with the materials of a techno-scientific laboratory.

The exhibition graphics sought to enhance the dry, clinical and office tone of the exhibition rooms designed by Faudet–Harrison. Continuing the bold use of Replica in the exhibition guide, the typeface was used in an over-sized scale on specially produced billboards and exhibition signage throughout the rooms.

Project team
Exhibition design: Faudet–Harrison
Exhibition graphics and guide: Kellenberger–White