Central Meat (Smithfield)

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Identity, signage and website
Smithfield Market London, 2014

Established in London’s historic Smithfield Market in 1987, G&E Meats and Central Meats commissioned Kellenberger–White to develop a new identity and website in 2014.

We pared the identity back to the simplest design possible: a list. In the market, we listed the products and prices using bold typography, adding paper-cut illustrations of the cuts of meat that would work as well on-site as online. We also ensured continuity with butcher’s shop traditions by using vitreous enamel tiling, specially produced by AJ Wells, who produce signage for Transport for London.

For the website, we used a seasonally changing background colour that was developed from a palette used by the artists Poussin and Cy Twombly to represent spring, summer, autumn and winter. These unusual colours work aesthetically to soften the bold, black typography, dynamically to prevent the website becoming static, and intellectually as a gentle hint of landscapes in times gone by.

Project team
Art direction and design: Kellenberger–White
Illustration: Kellenberger–White
Website development: Twelve
On-site signage build: AJ Wells
Photography: Max Creasy