Frieze Projects East

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Frieze Foundation and Create
London, 2012

Frieze Projects East was a series of new public art projects commissioned by the London 2012 Festival and Create. Kellenberger–White designed the online and print marketing campaign.

The campaign identity embraced the look of a ‘cultural trail’ mapping the newly commissioned public art projects hosted throughout the Olympic boroughs. The artistic projects were spectacular in scale and embraced public participation – and together with the graphic campaign, the visibility of these projects changed the day-to-day look and feel of parks, derelict buildings and streets.

Kellenberger–White studied the typography and materials characteristic of traditional signage on outdoor nature trails and devised an identity that imitated the appearance of these in a digital language.

The Frieze Foundation’s blocky letterforms were used to spell out ‘Frieze Projects East’ on a CGI illustration of an embossed brass plaque. Variations of the campaign image included playful CGI landscape elements, such as a grass lawn, to reference the outdoor locations of many of the projects.

Project team
Curator: Sarah McCrory
Art direction and design: Kellenberger–White
Illustration: Jesse Kanda
Website build: Studio Myers