David Fulford

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London, 2009

Family Portrait documents a body of work by artist David Fulford. Printed in a limited edition series, the book is a unique archive of the artist’s work that is now part of a private collection in Italy. The design translated the work’s original gallery hang into a book format; 76 quick paintings painted from film. The grid alignment of the small paintings inspired the sequential arrangement of the images, reproduced one per page in full colour, and at 1:1 scale. The thin glossy paper and thread binding makes the book easy to flick through and enhances its flip book quality. The front cover text mimicked the original gallery wall caption. The specially designed ‘match box’ style slipcase featured embossed type, hand-decorated with foil blocking in over seventy colours corresponding to the colours visible in the paintings.

Portrait Works presents a collection of painted portraits by artist David Fulford. A catalogue on the Russian artist Andrei Rublev, who greatly influenced Fulford, inspired the format of this book. The volume was printed in a limited edition series and includes an etching printed by the artist. The paintings and sketches are reproduced at 1:1 scale. A full list of works, including thumbnail images of artefacts from the artist’s collection, are featured at the end of the book.