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Printed menus
Tent London, London Design Festival
London, 2015

Sited in the Tent London breakout space for the 2015 London Design Festival, Eataipei was a series of immersive culinary performances.

Kellenberger–White were invited to design the menus for this event. Looking to tie together the design of Eataipei’s temporary structure with the food being eaten within it, we printed menus on the draft paper used for architects’ drawings, crinkled up to mimic the building’s ceiling, which was made of crumpled wire mesh. We thus created a congruence between the setting and the experience, as well as giving the menus a pleasing tactility.

Project team
Food design: Shikai Tseng and Rain Wu
Chef Chung-Ho Tsai
Art direction and Design: Kellenberger–White
Illustration: Rain Wu