Design Museum – Designs of the Year 2015

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Designs of the Year 2015
Exhibition, catalogue and publicity materials
Design Museum
London, 2015

Commissioned for the 2015 Designs of the Year exhibition at London’s Design Museum, Kellenberger–White took a rigorous and egalitarian approach, creating coherence through what is by its nature a disparate exhibition, since it brings together the objects and ideas of dramatically different designers, disciplines and techniques.

We adopted the Design Museum’s own typography to ensure the exhibition sat comfortably within the longer history of the institution, with a focus on clarity: the typeface was the Design Museum’s, but our insistence on using it at one size, with minimal hierarchy, gave the exhibition interpretation and catalogue a modesty and legibility that allowed the nominated designs to shine.

The 3D design was conceived with Benjamin Hubert Ltd around ‘infinity walls’ – used by photographic studios because the curves at floor- and ceiling-level give the illusion there are no defining edges – while our colour palette was inspired by the undemonstrative balance of photographers’ colour charts.

Project team
Curator: Gemma Curtin
Catalogue editor: Simon Coppock
Exhibition coordinator: Catriona Cork
Project manager: Lucy Tindle
Exhibition design: Benjamin Hubert Ltd
Graphic design: Kellenberger–White
Install photography: Max Creasy