Design Interactions, RCA

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Design Interactions, Royal College of Art
London, 2009

Design Interactions 2009 presents projects by the graduating MA students in a specially designed catalogue.

The book’s design centred around a three-part spread that invited the reader to imagine a scenario for each prototype object. Working with the theme of exposing the process of image making, the book’s design picked up on the idea of the green screen used in film and television post-production to project an isolated object into any possible environment. The students’ prototype objects were photographed against a chroma-key green backdrop. Writer Alex Burrett was commissioned to write short stories exploring hypothetical encounters with the objects; the stories were illustrated by found images from the Internet acting as location shots for the objects.

Drawing inspiration from comparable 1960s publications exploring technology and society, a widely used Modernist Sans Serif, Monotype Grotesque, was chosen for the main text throughout the book – in one size and with varying weights. A typewriter font ‘Lettera’ set the tone for the futuristic fiction of Alex Burrett – evoking the image of the writer at his desk.

Project team
Art direction and design: Kellenberger–White
Photography: Theo Cook
Short stories: Alex Burrett
Website development: Chambers Judd
Photography: Thomas Adank