Carmody Groarke Booklets

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Selected Projects
Series of project publications
Carmody Groarke
London, 2013–2015

Carmody Groarke is one of the foremost studios of contemporary architecture, producing buildings and exhibitions across the UK, such as Surreal House at the Barbican Art Gallery, the 7/7 Memorial in Hyde Park, Filling Station at King’s Cross and, most recently, Maggie’s Merseyside at Clatterbridge.

Kellenberger-White were commissioned to design a series of booklets presenting Carmody Groarke’s latest projects. The books are each designed to be understated and very immediate, with the conventional book format dramatically simplified.

Key to this were our decisions to make the outside cover into a contents page, to print the introduction on the inside cover and to place the colophon on the back page: the reader is drawn directly into the book, with minimum fuss but, because we did not remove any useful apparatus, no loss of clarity. Even the material of each book has an informal quality – made from a pile of paper, folded and stitched – which makes the booklets easy and enjoyable to open and read, perfect for an object designed to be casually picked up or taken as a handout.

Project team
Editor: Mariah Nielson
Art direction and Design: Kellenberger–White
Photography: Thomas Adank