Carl Andre and Rosa Barba

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Turner Contemporary
Margate, 2013

Mass & Matter brought together a group of sculptures and poems by Minimalist artist Carl Andre. Subject to Constant Change was a comprehensive solo presentation of works by Italian-German visual artist Rosa Barba, shown alongside a number of perspective studies by JMW Turner chosen by the artist.

The design of the graphics and marketing materials for both exhibitions was led by a selected image from each artist’s work. Colours were picked for their associations with metals, contrasting surfaces and light, and were adjusted to match each lead image. The typeface Largo, a set of Roman capitals with very small serifs, was used throughout.

Influenced by Carl Andre’s interest in off-the-shelf sheet material, Kellenberger–White chose to use low-fi peg-board and retail hooks for the exhibition’s comment wall – used by visitors to share their views about the works on display.