Akihisa Hirata: Tangling

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The Architecture Foundation
London, 2012

Tangling was the first-ever international solo show of emerging Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata. The exhibition opened shortly after Hirata’s receipt of the Golden Lion award at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale for his contribution, with Kumiko Inui, Sou Fujimoto and Naoya Hatakeyama, to the Japanese Pavilion, curated by Toyo Ito, and was The AF’s headline contribution to the 2012 London Design Festival.

Kellenberger–White designed the exhibition identity, graphics and accompanying publication.

The design of the publication took influence from Hirata’s design for the exhibition’s immersive 1:1 installation – a contorted loop – that distilled his architecture’s essence into a large-scale experiential structure. Inspired by the loop’s self-supporting structure, the publication design used no conventional binding methods, such as glue, thread or staples. Before the publication was folded and finished, the printed sheet was die-cut twice, and then folded to form its own loop. The publication unfolded in multiple directions, echoing Hirata’s vision of a tangled order.

The delicate typeface Univers Condensed was used throughout all graphics.

The exhibition subsequently toured to European venues, including Grand-Hornu Images, in Hornu, Belgium.